About Me

One of India’s leading Keynote speaker, has built his career on four pillars; Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Speaking and Digital.

Speaking Assignments

Since 2001 I have been taking up speaking assignments. Between 2001 to 2004 I used to speak at various Engineering Colleges on Career Roadmap for Engineering Students which was much appreciated, the fact that I started getting more invitations. In 2002 I made my first speech at a bigger platform – Auto2002 about How CAD/CAM can be used in Designing of Automobile.

Even after completing Bachelor in Engineering students where not job ready and I figured out that they needed softskill training which was hard to find. Hence after 2004 I started taking speaking assignments on Public Speaking, Personality Development, Softskills, How to be Job Ready and face a Interview.

This lead to me visiting Management Schools as they thought I did a good job in inspiring and motivating Management graduates and polishing them. I further in 2008 enlarged by topics to Inspiration and Motivation.

In 2009 I conducted my first ever Workshop on ‘Discover Invisible Power’ for Professionals and there on I have been taking Workshops on ‘Think out of Box’, ‘Excel in your Presentation Skills’, ‘Deliver Powerful Powerpoint Presentations’ in addition to the above topics mentioned.

On 5th September 2009 – Teachers Day I joined Facebook.com and then onwards my journey in the Ocean of Social Networking has taken a deep dive, hence the theme of my website. So apart from all above topics I’m taking speaking assignment on ‘Social Media and Social Networking for Business and Personal Use’, ‘Marketing in the Social Era’, ‘Brand Networking’. Use of Linkedin for B2B or Facebook for Brand Building or Twitter for Engagement have been the essence of it.

Till date I have spoken on more than 140+ platforms and occasions. Now my journey continues in Public Speaking with addition of new topics in Social Media and Networking mixed with Marketing, HR, Business. I’m now conducting Workshop on Social Media for above topics.

Thank for sparing time to read all this at the end as I say its all about building Human Capital. If my Blog post benefit you don’t hesitate to share them and like them. Thank you for being my inspiration.


Amit Jadhav

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