How to Work With Storytelling to Get the Most Out Of It

Humans are natural storytellers. From the “you won’t believe what just happened…” you declare to your friends to the “once upon a time…” we tell kids, we love sharing stories; perhaps the only thing we love more is to listen to stories. All you have to do is harness the storyteller inside you, brush up on your skills, use a few techniques and your brand will soar to success in no time!

How to Properly Wield the Power of Storytelling

Aristotle may have been a great philosopher but a storyteller he is not. Which is why his “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them” trick won’t work in storytelling. Here’s what will work (with stats to back it up):

  1. Less is More: The average US citizen consumes around 10,500 digital words, which means your audience doesn’t have the time to read big paragraphs on social media. So keep your content and create eye-catching titles for it.
  2. Show, Don’t Tell: Our brain processes images 60 times faster than it does words. Using images in your content will add to its allure.
  3. Easy to Follow: 92% of consumers want brands to give them ads that feel like stories. So deliver content that is linear and follows a clear narrative.
  4. Avoid Overused Words: it’s been found that words and phrases like ‘a rough day’ have been so overused that they’ve lost their hold on our minds; we merely see them as empty words and they don’t elicit emotions from us. So avoid using such overused words and find replacements that do work.

The Ultimate Formula for Smarter Content

70% of customers say content marketing makes them feel closer to the brand, which gets 3 times as many leads at 62% less cost than traditional marketing. To garner the best results, you fundamentally need three things: quality content, proper means of distribution, and re-targeting.

Quality Content

Quality is a balance between working with what you have and collaborating with the right people. 42% of marketers start whatever existing assets and talent they already have and use outsourced help for specialized skills like writing or designing.

Means of Distribution

Once you’ve figured out your content, you need to work out who you want to share the content with and decide the best ways to share it. Consider using channel objectives, key metrics for success, and an overarching editorial calendar o help guide your plan.


Retargeting, a paid search marketing strategy, allows you to get in touch with those of your target audience that is already interested in your business. If used right, this tool can help increase brand recognition and encourages repeated site visits.

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