How to Measure Brand Awareness? Here are 6 Metrics You Can Use

Brand awareness indicates the level of familiarity that your target audience has with your brand and how well they recognise it. Although brand awareness is not the easiest thing to measure, there are some quantitative and qualitative metrics you can use to see how well your strategies are working.

5 Ways Brand Awareness
5 Ways Brand Awareness

Quantitative Measures

These 3 quantitative metrics are ones that you can use to measure your brand awareness in numbers. However, it is important to remember that brand awareness is not about numbers and so these metrics are only meant to be used in reports and as supporting statistics for the qualitative metrics where the real brand awareness measurement lies.

  1. Direct Traffic

Direct traffic comes from people who type in your website url into their address bar. This is an important metric to measure brand awareness because the only way people will remember your website url is if you have a strong brand awareness.

  1. Site Traffic Numbers

Other than direct traffic, you also need to look at your total site traffic that you get from references, search engines, social media, etc. All of these also contribute towards your brand awareness. Google Analytics is one tool that will help you get an idea of what your site traffic looks like and based on that, you can update your brand awareness strategy.

  1. Social Engagement

Social media is a big part of your brand awareness strategy; it is where you get most of your brand awareness from. So it only makes sense to measure the engagement you get on your social media platforms because this engagement is what converts to site traffic and direct traffic. Most individual platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have their own Analytics tools available for the public (for Facebook and Twitter) or businesses (in case of Instagram) to use. If you like you can opt for external tools like Buffer where you get a lowdown of all your social media analytics in one place.

Qualitative Metrics

The qualitative measures are a little harder to assess, since you can’t measure them in numbers. However, these are just as important, perhaps more important than the quantitative metrics of brand awareness.

  1. Google Search and Google Alerts

As vain as it may sound, you need to Google yourself or your business frequently in order to find out what people are talking about you and how much you need to work on your brand awareness. Just remember to do so in a private browser or incognito mode to get unfiltered, unbiased results. And while you’re at it, create a Google alert for your brand and any related keywords.

  1. Social Listening

Continuing forward on the vanity train, you should also search for your brand and your hashtags (especially if you have any brand-specific ones) on any social media platforms you are on as well. This is a practice called social listening and is one of the best ways to find out what a specific target is talking about you as opposed to Googling yourself that surveys the whole internet.

  1. Surveys

Speaking of surveys, they are also a great way to measure your brand awareness. You can opt for online surveys which are perfect for online-based brands or you could use physical feedback forms if you are more of a brick-and-mortar business. Ask existing customers how they heard about you or your target audience if they’ve heard about you, ask them what they thought about your brand at first and how it differs from what they think of it now, if there is any difference and if it is good or bad, etc. Surveys let you get down to ground zero and really listen to what your target audience has to say about your brand, what they expect from you, and what they think you should change or keep about your brand. The only thing you need to remember while taking surveys is to not be displeasing or aggravating, which in turn reflects on your brand awareness.

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