How To Boost Social Selling Through Compelling Videos

With over 67% of internet users worldwide using a social network, the era of social selling is truly here. Major businesses are increasingly slashing their dependence on outbound sales and transforming their sales with social selling. Social selling has allowed marketers and businesses to improve lead generation, drive revenue and propel their sales activities to the next level.

One of social selling’s biggest stimulating factors has been the rise of videos. Videos have chiefly become the pre-dominant content form over the Internet. A survey by Online Publishers Association notes that 80% of viewers recall a video ad they have seen in the past 30 days and nearly 26% of viewers look for more info about the product based on their memory of that ad.

Twitter’s Video Adventure

2 years ago, when Twitter provided its users with the facility to shoot and post videos on its platform, it essentially triggered off a new wave in social selling. Soon, brands were creating Twitter-friendly ad videos and fans were merrily engaging with the videos. Additionally, the micro-blogging platform through its set of advertising tools, that follow a direct-to-consumer motif, has driven greater intimate interaction between consumers and products.

One report released by Twitter recently showed how video has become an integral part of Twitter and consequently, of social selling as a whole. According to Twitter’s blog discussing the report, an effective brand video works best in a news feed environment. The same blog also discusses how video as a social selling tool outperforms normal forms of communication. If a few key observations from Twitter’s report are mapped, creating videos that trigger social selling would be a child’s play for brands.

Keep It Short Silly

Twitter feed’s scrolling style interface makes it incredibly difficult for brands to sustain user-attention beyond a little while. This is also evident in Twitter’s report as videos of 15 seconds or less are more likely to draw attention and engagement than videos of 30 seconds.

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Another observation the report cites is how most people do not care for the volume when they are watching a short video. Sounds is turned on only when a video is over 3 seconds long and has dialogue instead of just music.

To Be Or Not To Be …. Compelling

So what makes for a compelling video? For one, Twitter says you have to be lucky, Most of the times, the first video in a user’s timeline generates over 21% engagement. But more importantly, plenty of factors within the video matter. The receptor’s mindset has come to play a strong role in how videos are received on Twitter. For example, videos with real people and a story arc happen to be more effective that, say, Twitter videos with just text or recreated videos. It is so because these videos elicit personal emotions in the users’ mind.

The genre and types of videos played a significant role too. Videos which had people in it, interacting with each other or directly with the users, also triggered greater activity. This was followed by videos that had a defined story-arc.

Videos with people in it grabbed greater attention thanks to the human touch

Although brands should be careful with such videos since story-telling on Twitter can be risky, given the overall user base’s short attention span. Videos based around topical content came third. One of the factors that handicap topical videos is that such videos create flutter only when the said topic is hot. As the trending topic tapers off and buzz around the videos dies down, conversions and sales also shut shop. Purely informative text videos scored the least, but still a good 28% for brands to not rule it out completely.

Another factor that weighs in significantly is the time of the day. In the morning, people are more receptive and attentive, while later in the day, they tend to be more emotional in how to perceive content. Brands can accordingly create a story arc that suits the product and mood and pitch products in the time best suited for the day.

The report also mentions that videos with text are 11% more likely to be viewed and generate 28% higher completion rates. Clearly since a lot of users might be accessing Twitter at work or in school/college or in public places over public wifi, most of them probably think its appropriate to not switch on the sound with others around them.

To Summarize

There are three crucial takeaways from the report Twitter has published. if you can follow these, you can create compelling videos for your brand:

  • Short and Simple Videos
  • Subtitled Videos
  • Bank on Emotions

Your brand’s social selling funnel can be extensively widened if you can read your Twitter analytics and data right, and create engaging and compelling videos.

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