The Most Effective Types of Content

Customer engagement and lead generation remain the top motives of creating and marketing good content. But what kind of content? Despite all the fairy-tales about content we keep hearing about, the fact is that approximately 80% of the total content on the internet is pretty useless. Of the other 20%, only a fraction manages to catch any attention.

One of the major problems is content marketers’ inability to understand the dynamics of the content they are making or planning to make.

The average Internet user’s usage patterns and habits change all the time. And keeping up with and aligning your content strategy with them, must be every content marketer’s priority number one.

Content Marketers should ask themselves:

What kind of content is best suited for what type of platform?

Who is my target audience and what kind of content does that audience consume?

What is my marketing goal and which content would get me there quicker and better?

These infographics answer all those questions:

1 3xVKrEFxoE8_mvo6rrgCVg

1 72sxZT96VzdIdz8Dhb0QJw

Signing off,
Amit Jadhav,


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