6 Google Products That Are Best For Your Business

If you are a regular Internet user and use the Internet regularly for business purposes, you are well familiar with Google. Google is an indispensable part of an Internet user’s life. Not only has Google made searching the web and sending mails easy, it has also made conducting business online akin to slicing butter with a hot knife!

In today’s blog, I am going to discuss 7 Google products, which may not be as popular as say, YouTube or Gmail, but will become crucial cogs in the wheel of your everyday business marketing and business operations. Let us have a look at these:

6. Goo.gl


On the Internet, if you offer interesting and shareable content, people will share it with their friends and followers. For your business to register itself as a recall-able brand and for your business network to expand, your content needs to reach as many people as possible. And for your content to be shareable, it needs to be easy to share to. This is where Google’s URL shortener goo.gl comes handy. Apart from shortening long links to short, shareable URLs, Google lets you track the clicks on your shortened links. Google also offers free analytics, which makes tracking clicks, referrers, browsers, countries, and platforms, etc., possible.


5. Google Trends


One of Google’s best features for a long time remained, the Zeitgeist – an annual collection of search trends. People used to look forward for the list to be released at the beginning of a new year to track the most searched events and names of the
previous year. Some years ago, Google turned this into a permanent product of theirs where daily trends, news, most-searched terms, etc., could be followed. It comes in handy when you are trying to do a quick post on your Facebook or Twitter post about a currently hot topic. Trends can be arranged topic-wise and/or country-wise. Google also accompanies a small graph of the topic’s trending meter for the last 24 hours. Great tool to keep your digital marketing strategy up to date and with the times!


4. Google My Business


Over the years, as Google has risen and risen in terms of dominance on the Internet and outside world, it has helped many a businesses find success through innovative methods. Google My Business is basically an online version of a physical store – you have a business page, business type, a Google+ page, a verified Map location for your actual physical location, an adwords account, analytics, etc. Basically, Google My Business puts your business online and helps you take it to the customers. If optimized correctly, a simple Google Search for location or products will show up your business in Google search results with a map, your opening and closing timings, parking availability, reviews, etc. It is a great product if you want to give your online brand presence, that extra little push.


P.S. Do not forget to verify your business. It is a simple process that requires a pin number that is mailed to you by post.

3. Google Trusted Stores


Essentially an extension of My Business, Google Store is special in the way that it verifies a business’s performance before calling it a trusted partner. While user reviews in My Business are usually helpful, biased and/or manipulated reviews mar their authenticity. Google Trusted Store assures your customers that they get reliable shipping and excellent customer service. Google bundles free purchase protection and issue resolution in case of a problem, making conducting business even more easy. Most customers on the Internet think “If its on Google, it must be true”, so a Google Trusted Store badge is a very very important business legerdemain.


2. Google Merchant Center


If your business involves selling physical products, Google Merchant Center can put you on Google’s Shopping site. Google Shopping is a one-stop curation site where merchants put up their products for consumers to compare and buy. For example, if you Google Apple iPhone 6s and head to the Shopping tab, Google will show you a list of available iPhones on its roster, put up by Google’s merchant partners. You can upload individual products or your entire store to Google Shopping, using Google Merchant Center.


1. Google Drive


Google Drive has been a boon not just for business users in particular, but for all of the Internet, in general. But since we are talking of how it can improve your business, let us focus on that. For one, you would be saving loads of time. Google Drive is a word processor + spreadsheet + presentation app + pdf viewer + photo viewer/editor + 15GB of cloud storage … all rolled into one. Additionally, you can add apps such as calculators, editors, etc from third party developers as per your need. Uploading files, web-to-desktop sync and vice-versa, downloading, sharing, etc. is quick and easy. But most importantly, if you work in a team that requires frequent sharing of files and collaboration on these files, Google Drive offers peculiarly good (and pretty fast) collaboration mechanisms. Moreover, files from your Google Drive, can be directly attached to mails without downloading. It is a nifty product that offers pretty much everything … all you need is a Google account!


Happy Businessing,
Amit Jadhav,


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