15 Android Apps To Boost Your Business Productivity

The Android operating system for mobile is one of the best things to have happened to technology and humans, in general. Its flexibility allows for a great deal of business to be conducted on your phone. But this is not merely limited to using an email app and transacting through mobile banking apps. There’s a plethora of apps out there that would boost your business efficiency and keep your device up to date for business-like performance. Have a look at the top 15 apps I would like to recommend to boost your business productivity.


1. OfficeSuite + PDF Editorunnamed
Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Rich Text, ZIP files, Images, PDF, ePub … you ask for it and OfficeSuite supports it. With sharing and syncing support for Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, OneDrive, SugarSync, Bluetooth, Wifi, and E-mail, OfficeSuite is the most comprehensive office suite out there for Android. There’s support for our 50 languages and the interface is fairly easy and familiar to use.
The premium version even comes with file converting capabilities, font packs, spell check, etc. It is a bomb of an app, that clicks and ticks because even its free version is a treasure trove of a ton of features!

2. Google Drive
It is one of the best mobile and cloud office suites out there, but it comes with a major disadvantage. Using documents or spreadsheets in Google Drive requires application soutside the Google Drive app. There’s Google Docs, and Sheets, and Slides … each with a different purpose.
If only Google could merge all of it into a single suite, like on desktop, it could be a 10/10 recommendation. Because otherwise, Google Drive gets almost everything right – web-to-mobile sync, stability, robust, clean, and easy to use interface, storage space, support for Google services, support for Open Office and MS Office files, multi-type file support, etc.

3. Microsoft Office Mobile

Ever since Microsoft went full monty with its office suite, upgrading it from an on-the-go editor to a full-fledged document processing application for mobile, it has been receiving nothing but positive response. The interface is a little confusing, but the robustness and stability of Office as on desktop, is retained on office for Android, with all features intact!

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1. Any.dounnamedIt is no for nothing that Any.do has been downloaded by nearly 11 million users, most of who use it on a day-to-day basis. To begin with, it has a slick interface that makes optimum use of Google’s new material language. Any.do lets you create to-do lists, purchase lists, event reminders, etc., and add people to it. The speech recognition feature is decent and the list sorting and organizing mechanism is superior to most of its contemporaries. its seamless Web, Desktop, Google Drive, and Dropbox feature only make it further impressive. Any.do has two apps – a task list centric app and a calendar centric app.

2. Togglunnamed
More suited for professional/work teams than personal users, Toggl is a time tracking app aids in time management and boosts productivity. If work timesheets annoy you, Toggl is the best alternative for the job. The time usage reports are fairly simple and straight forward, there’s not much cross platform integration but the web to app sync is fast enough for desktop and mobile to work in tandem.

3. aTimeLogger

I don’t really know what that a suffixed to its name does, but what I do know is that aTimeLogger, otherwise is a dependable to-do and task/time management app. Its interface is very goal and activity oriented, so individual users or entrepreneurs would benefit from it a lot. It may lack the sharing capabilities of Toggl, but as compared to Toggl, aTimeLogger’s reports are much more detailed. There are graphs and charts about the goals that were set and the time that was allotted, etc.

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1. Evernoteunnamed
While Evernote describes itself as a digital workspace on its own website, what it really is,  is a note-taking and information-organizing app aimed at proficient Android users. It is not this one-stop workspace suite that Evernote makes itself out to be. But make no mistake, Evernote gets plenty of the tasks almost right. From taking quick notes to organizing lists, from creating event-reminders to saving files and links for later use, Evernote has everything + a good enough to not be ignored sharing/collaborating feature. That it works well offline and can sync later, is a USP!

2. Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best things to have happened to Android users in terms of quick task/list/information management. It is like a quick sticky note, but for your Android phone. You can grab photos, make quick notes, stick notes to your home screen, make voice memos, etc. The widget is a little off the mark and the lack of many formatting options makes for bland use, but honestly, it does its core job well, and you can use it if that is your requirement.

3. Microsoft OneNote
Essentially, a stripped down version of Evernote, OneNote has a few basic features that it does an awesome job of. Additionally, the Microsoft interface is slightly confusing to begin with, but unmistakably easy to play around with as you get used to it. And the text+audio+video support and Android wear support only make it more desirable.

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1. Handyman Calculatorunnamed
Nearly 10,000 of the 16,000 people who downloaded Handyman have given it a 5-star review on the Play Store. About 4000 more 4-star reviews, make for an intriguing question – what is it about this app?
For one, Handyman is a one-stop calculator application that covers a plethora of functions – Basic Calculator, Cubic-meter Calculator, Aggregate Calculator, Stock Listing and Tracking, Unit Conversion, Metric and US Unit Calculation Switching, Fractions, Notepad, To-do, Building Material Calculator, and a hundreds of other construction project calculation mechanisms.
While that may make it seem like a domain-specific app, it is not. For its basic and fraction calculator more than comes handy to those who do not need the rest.

2. MyScript Calculatorunnamed
MyScript calculator is special (and important) in the sense that it lets you write out complex mathematical/trignometric equations instead typing them out (which is tedious). It is like writing on a paper and calculating (only in this case, not manually) – scratch and erase mistakes, make quick changes, get instant results! The app is surprisingly intuitive in reading the handwritten scribbling and the interface is reasonably easy and slick. Apart from basic operations, it supports trigonometric functions, constants, fractions, exponential equations, etc.

3. Unit ConverterunnamedOne of the first thing that hits you about this app is its elegant and simple interface. It is pleasant to look at, makes best use of Google’s Material language and is extremely easy to use in the way it has been laid out on the screen. The app has all the needed basic unit conversion features such as weight, height, currency, etc., plus, many other complex and less used ones – such as viscosity, flux, torque, density, etc.

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1. Clean Masterunnamed
When 23,763,601
of your 3 million odd app users give you a 5 star rating, you must be doing something right. And Clean Master is doing everything right. In Barney Stinson’s words, Clean Master is simply legen-wait for it-dary!
An inbuilt anti-virus and malware scanner, app optimizer, RAM booster, memory manager and junk manager, home screen and lock screen launcher, CPU cooler, game booster, app locking feature, ad blocker, file manager, photo manager and gallery, weather, a power and connectivity widget … phew … and all that for free! And its not just the free stuff that Clean master wins at, its the amazing job that each feature does. Moreover, it is not a download everything, use everything hand-twisting … everything is offered to you, you pick and choose what you want to use.
Yes, there are ads, but most of them are non-annoying and non-intrusive … and even otherwise, it is a small price to pay for such a mine of gold!

2. DU Suite of Appsunnamed
It is pretty tough to match the yardstick set forward by Clean Master, but DU’s bunch of apps comes pretty close. It does a good job of being a memory cleaner and RAM booster, keeping your Android device’s battery and memory in good shape. But one of its biggest problems is that it does not come as one umbrella app – DU’s functions are spread over a bunch of separate apps, all of which takes a considerably huge amount of memory. On the coin’s other side, its a pick and choose format, where you download only those apps which you need and instead save memory as compared to Clean Master’s full bunch. your pick!

3. CCleanerunnamed
Yeap, this is your all familiar CCleaner from your Windows desktop. They have an Android app too … and it is pretty decent if you accept the fact that there are a limited number of functions the app can perform, but it is really really good at it!
CCleaner optimizes memory and system, while keeping the device performance optimal. There’s nothing more to it than that, but CCleaner (as proven by its desktop histrionics), is bloody good at it!

(All images courtesy Google Play Store screenshots of respective apps)


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