Focus on the agenda, not attention!

There is huge amount of data being generated on the internet, courtesy: social media. Take for example – Vine. 6 second video generates over 1 million views every minute. Most of this data might not be resourceful but they tend to get our attention. Check out this infographics from


You must have realized this that while surfing on the internet or doing your favorite ‘search’ your attention gets diverted to links that are bombarded on your page. In the process your action gets diverted from ‘what you wanted to do’ to ‘what they aka marketers want you to do’.

The core genesis of digital marketing is attention. Period. Most social media and social networking channels are fertile platforms for lead cultivation. Imagine the cost of your time that you spend on these diverted ‘attention’ links. Was it worth it?

It’s just like the philosophy of shopping. When you enter a BigBazaar or Central most of you have some product in mind to buy but when you walk out you add up buying products that you never thought or were a part of your agenda. Why? You were tempted due to discount offers or display or sales pitch or your inner ego specially when you shop with your friends. Some of the things bought might we be used twice but we buy it. We move from the agenda and focus on attention.

A small boy saw a monk sitting near and asked him to give him some wisdom.

The monk advised “My child, Be a Lion, not a dog.”

“What does that mean? would you please explain?” inquired the boy.

“When you throw a ball in front of the dog, it will run after the ball. When you throw something at the Lion its attention is still on you, not on the object you throw. It will be waiting to grab hold of you.

“Always focus on the agenda, not the attention.”

Here are a 5 things that can help you focus on agenda.

  1. Have a note written before you sit on the internet what your agenda is in the time you have on hand. It might be learning about a topic or posting on your social media.
  2. Use social bookmarking and make it a part of ‘attention’ link to be saved for future read, not now.
  3. Don’t check your email as the first thing in morning or when in office as the first task.
  4. If you are writing a blog or creating content put your cellphone on silent mode. A small disturbance in-between task will lead to rework and unlink of what thoughts you wanted to jot down.
  5. Schedule time and number of minutes throughout the week for every activity you need to do on the internet.

Try these for a week and if you can save some time and focus on agenda, I will be glad. Nothing to loose. Do share if you do something to focus on agenda that can be helpful for others.

Happy Agending,
Amit Jadhav,


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