Top 10 Brands To Follow On Instagram

In my blog last week I discussed how some brands are nailing Instagram for brand marketing and how brands who aren’t, should do it too. This week we take a look at 10 brands who have mastered how to Instagram their business.

10. Nike

If it seems like anything is possible, that's because it is. @nikeyoungathletes

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If you are a sports fan, Nike’s account is a heaven! Nike’s Instagram content blends stunning imagery with inspirational quotes, an occasional shot of celebrity sportspersons, topped with subtle branding peppered all over the captions. User-sourced content, like most popular Instagram brands, is of course a hallmark of this account.

9. RAW Pressery

One of RAW Pressery’s Instagram feed’s best traits is its gorgeous looking pictures. Just take a look at those pictures. It helps that RAW Pressery’s bottling and packaging is top-notch and it adds a certain level of refinement to even the simplest of clicks. It helps even more that RAW Pressery enjoys a sizable and influential celebrity client base, which helps it with not just crowd-sourcing, but influencer crowd-sourcing!

8. Mashable

All it takes is a #MashPics tag to feature your photo on Mashable’s feed. And believe me they are fairly generous when it comes to crowdsourcing content. They run a weekly photo contest with a theme that has to be followed by all participating Instagrammers, some get featured on Instagram, some others find their way to a webpage where best photos for the week are curated. Since Mashable is not associated with a brand or a product, it gives Mashable a vast canvas to play with. It plays on versatility and can handle a range of topics, from current affairs to event anniversaries, which shows in its Instagram posts.

7. Audi

A little monotonous, but if you are a car or automobile lover, in general, Audi’s Instagram feed is scrollable for hours! The frequent contests and crowd-sourcing apart, Audi makes sure its own content is smashing. Top-quality photography is one of Audi’s USPs on Instagram.

6. Intel

Old and new technology. Behind the scenes snaps and videos from Intel’s HQ. Shots of Intel’s technology being implemented to make life better around the world. The occasional festival and commemorative posts. Intel has kept its Instagram feed’s theme narrow, but interesting.

5. General Electric

“This feed features the groundbreaking research and technology that GE has been developing since the days of Edison” … GE’s bio says it all. GE’s Instagram makes you fall in love with modern science and technology while occasionally taking you back to the years gone by.  GE’s masterstroke is how it lets the photos take prominence, then captions the photos with an accurate and simple description, and ending the captions by dropping by a subtle ‘Yeap, we made it’ or ‘We contributed to it’ kind of statements. From jet engines and airplanes to cranes and wind turbines, this is a feed tailor-made for science-freaks.

4. Amazon India

One of Amazon India’s Instagram feed’s most evident attribute is its self-obsession. It may sound bad, but it makes for a great branding and marketing strategy. From crowdsourcing to contests, Amazon India focuses on Amazon India almost single-handedly. This allows the brand to hammer itself into the mind of its followers. When it is not being a brand, it is being a person. Lunch, Dinner, Fashion, Books … you feel like you are following an actual person’s life travails.

3. Cafe Coffee Day

What's your favourite CCD drink? #coffee #CCD #cafecoffeeday Shared by @mukasash

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While CCD’s fixation with coffee beans arrangements is irksome, its the food and coffee you stay for. The account not only posts gorgeous pictures of its food and beverage items, but also has a pretty knack of picking some excellently clicked fan photos to share on its feed. Let’s admit it – there’s no such thing as too much coffee!

2. Expedia

Expedia has one big thing going for it – its service genre. It allows Expedia to post stunning eye-catching photos on its Instagram feed. But Expedia doesn’t just stop at posting pretty visuals. Its captioning is a fantastic traffic-driving mechanism to its own website. Additionally, Expedia keeps the link in its profile on a marquee … always … driving visitors and fans to new and fresh content on a regular basis!

1. Airbnb

Airbnb’s Instagram account is sheer epicness! It is like a Google Earth of gorgeous pictures. Airbnb was one of the first brands to make use of Instagram’s customized carousel ads, and is most likely to be one of Instagram’s click-to-buy feature’s first few users. But apart from the eagerness to be on board with latest trends, Airbnb scores much brownie points for its original content. Airbnb has regularly run crowd-sourcing campaigns to attract audiences and increase its own share of content. But most importantly, Airbnb keeps it close to being business-like – “Here’s a gorgeous photo, you can rent something like this, find the link in bio” … as simple as that!

Signing off,
Amit Jadhav,


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