3 Easy Tips To Be A Champion At Instagram Marketing

At the beginning of this month, Instagram announced that it was opening up its ads interface to all brands to be able to advertise their posts to users. What that announcement did was set off in motion a wheel that will potentially be the biggest and most important happening in digital marketing.

To start with, Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform. Secondly, it is a visual media platform, which means, the engagement rate on content is exponentially greater than normal content on other networks. And Thirdly, brands have taken to Instagram like a fish takes to water. Instagram is one medium which brands have been the most comfortable and quickest to jump on to.

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With Instagram ads in picture, it becomes even more important now that brands master this platform which promises not just a greater reach, but a great deal of fan-following as well.

Make Yourself Known

Find a theme for your brand and stick to it. For example, if you sell stationery products, make sure to deck up your Instagram in light and breezy colors. Appeal to a younger audience. Keep your captions and clicks creative to reach out to the inner writer and poet inside your common user.

Any brand is recognizable only if it is identifiable. Use your logo as your profile picture, deck up your bio with information about you. Even a one-line description about you followed by your website’s URL or contact number or e-mail address is more than enough, as long as it is genuine.

Tell A Story

It is not important (or even necessary) that every picture has to look different from one another. You can put your Instagram feed through a story arc where you follow a new theme or a new trend every week or every month.

Infact, Instagram even offers an option to do carousel ads incase you want to tell a story through pictures to attract attention. It could be anything, a behind the scenes account, or a visual history of your brand, but it should engage the viewer emotionally and create that instant connect.

– (Video courtesy Instagram)

Turn To The Users

There’s a reason why brands aim to be big on Instagram – users are big on Instagram! There is considerable attraction about the social media platform amongst users aged 18-35 and brands know that well. Hence, while some big brands are going to tried and tested ‘brand content’ way, some brands are daring to mix their own content with user content via campaigns.

Some small brands and start-up restaurants are completely depending on user-generated content to promote their good stuff. All it takes is a share, credit and shout-out for the brand and user to connect over a photo of a sandwich or a shoe!

regram @triohn #omnomnom with @arushicoolkarni and @pari1012. #foodporn #applecrumble

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regram @puntastic23 After a long time 😁✌️ #girlsnight #mojitos #vscocam

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The fact remains that there is no running away from Instagram anymore. It is the most exciting and reliable social platform, and now that it has opened up its door to ads, expect it to burgeon and (possibly) takeover from Facebook and Google as the digital advertising moghuls!

Signing off,
Amit Jadhav,


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