5 Free Android Utility Apps To Make Your Life Easy

One of the best things that the entry of smartphones has done to our lives, is make it easy. Not just from a technology point of you, but even otherwise. I mean, imagine, apart from the usual calls, messages, e-mail routine, your phone is now your browser, camera, flashlight, map, contact book, electronic wallet, personal memo manager, grocery list, etc. It is an indispensable part of your life, simply for the reason that it has penetrated so many walks of your life!

With its flexible core, Android act as an utility tool even more efficiently. Here are a list of 5 Android-based utility tools you can use to make your everyday life a little easier!

1. Clean-Master (Free)

cleanmaster-google-play cleanmaster-google-play 1For all that it is worth, every device eventually lags, slow downs, starts showing functional cracks here and there. This is the reason it needs to be well-maintained. Cleanmaster is a one-stop shop for your Android device’s needs. From sprucing up your battery to keeping your junk folders clean, from scanning apps for malware to boosting RAM by closing unused apps, Cleanmaster is the ninja app your Android device needs to have to make sure it stays well-oiled and functions smoothly. Apart from a RAM cleaner widget, Cleanmaster has its own large widget dock, which has many additional utilities – such as one-tap internet data start, wi-fi activator, bluetooth activator, flashlight, camera shortcut, app locker, etc. A neatly pinched together set of utility tools, the app is a all that you need under one roof, and all that for free. While some might find it intrusive (the app checks your gallery and message inbox for cleaning and locking), it still is a great tool for those who do not mind. There’s a premium version with added tools and an antivirus too, but the free version gives you so much that otherwise you would have to pay for, that it is a bonus in itself!

2. Toolbox (Free)

tool-box-android-screenshottool-box-android-screenshotHere’s an app that makes premium use of your Android device’s hardware, software, and sensors. Toolbox is a set of 23 utility tools that make your daily navigation of life a little easy. The app bundles unit convertor, currency convertor, compass, calculator, magnifier, stopwatch, altimeter, metronome, etc. It is a sweet tool that isn’t beautiful or slick by any standards but it definitely is high on the utility factor for the sheer number of native tools it carried within itself for free!

3. Helium (Free)

helium-google-play-screenshot helium-google-play-screenshotMost back-up tools require your phone to be rooted. Not Helium. Helium is a simple to use app, that backs up all your apps to your SD card. In case of a device failure or crash, all your apps can be restored to your Android device from your computer using Helium. It is as simple as that. Of course, annoying ads keeping popping up on your screen every now and then but what there are no free lunches, as we know. This app is useful, effective, and worth the ad annoyance. There’s a premium version that let’s you back up to Google Drive or Drop Box but backing up apps on an SD card is pretty useful enough too and just for the fact that you can do it without rooting your device, Helium makes this list!

4. Any.do (Free)

any-do-play-store any-do-play-storeTo begin with, Any.do has a beautiful UI. Whoever has been working on it, has done a kickass job of creating a slick and gorgeous-looking app. But that’s not why Any.do made this list. That is a bonus; Any.do is in this list for its sheer convenience and functionality. Any.do is a basic to-do app with multi-user sharing and collaboration clipped as an add-on. More importantly, Any.do has voice-to-text  support to allow you to speak to the phone and have your notes typed out for you. With Dropbox support, it becomes easier to transport data between your Android device and your compyter, but even otherwise, Any.do offer multi-platform support on Android as well as iOS. It is a reminder-maker, memo-creator, list-generator, read later organizer – all at the same time. Handy. Very handy!

5. Contactually (Free)

contactually-play-store contactually-play-storeFor those who network a lot (professionally and personally), organizing contacts is a nightmare. Worse is keeping in touch with these contacts on a regular basis because let us face it, conversation = connection = networking. Contactually is a fine app that lets you do exactly that. Contactually allows you to segment your contacts and keep your communication with them more sorted. Contactually also allows you create templates for birthdays, festivals, vacation messages, etc. and remind you of a follow-up for every contact group. You can customize when you want to be reminded of a follow-up reminder.

P.S. All images credit to official Google Play app page screenshot collection. All rights reserved with concerned parties.


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