3 Simple & Awesome Tools To Create Impressive Visual Content

Content isn’t about story-telling. Its Good about telling a true story well.” – Ann Handley

The veteran content planner and marketer had her words heading to the bull’s eye when she said so. You have to tell a story, but you have to make it interesting and engaging. With the rise of visual content as a tool, it has become even more imperative that marketers and business adopt the ‘well-told story’ strategy. Images, videos, infographics, interactive designs … they all need to be good to look at, relevant, self-explanatory, and concise. Marketers and business owners should start adopting to visual content as a crucial element in their marketing plans.

Here’s a list of 3 simple, effective, and easy-to-use tools to create engaging visual content.

1. Canva

A one-man-army! Canva is an absolutely free (certain elements are priced at $1.00, but most of it free and fun!) and simple graphic designing and image creation tool. Canva offers a variety of set templates to start you off – Twitter headers, Facebook cover, blog graphic, presentation, business card, banner, banner, flyer, infographic – you name it and they have it. Additionally, Canva also provides you with plenty of pre-created design for each of these templates. Alternatively, you can create your own designs using the plenty of clip art and design icons that Canva has on offer. You can upload images of your own and use them in your design. Pre-formatted text sections, fonts, background colors, frames, illustrations, charts, icons, vectors … there’s an abundance of stuff that Canva has on offer for free. There’s a good chance you might be engrossed for hours exploring the wonderful world of Canva!


A Canva graphic I created in 5 minutes.

2. ThingLink


Using ThinkLink, I added an interactive link to the Canva banner to redirect the user to Canva’s website.

Thinglink is an interactive platform which lets you create and share interactive images and videos. In its free version, ThingLink let’s you tag your image with small colorful circles, hovering the mouse on which directs the user to a URL specified by you. The premium version of ThingLink even let’s you customize your interactive icon, alongside many additional features. ThingLink is an excellent tools for those who want to create interactive images for their marketing strategy. ThingLink delivers an embedded code which can be used to share these interactive graphics/images.

3. Pixabay


A simple search for the term ‘social media’, returned 624 image results!

Pixabay is a repository of royalty-free stock photos and copyright free vector graphics for your use. Pixabay images can be used for any purpose (commercial and non-commercial) without attribution or credit. The site covers many domains, right from food images to stock business photo to common tourist destinations and even everyday use icons and graphics. Images downloaded from Pixabay can even be altered and modified as needed. With over 400,000 free photos in one place, Pixabay is a brilliant source for all your visual content needs.


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