Why Humour Is The Cornerstone of Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a place where people are, because they want to look cool, intelligent, or funny – or all of them. One easy way to make sure your content is shareable is to base your content around either of the above 3 characteristics. Many brands such as Amazon and Taco Shell, base a large part of their social media campaigns around simple everyday humor. It tends to connect very well with fans, especially the younger demographic.

It is important for brands to make sure they appear and seem human on social media platforms. Automated replies create nothing but a sense of ‘you-don’t-care’ about your brand. Brands that keep the interactions with fans as real as possible, usually win at social media marketing. And there is no better way to achieve this level of personal comfort between your brand and its fans, other than humor. Use of a little humor makes your fans think of you as a friend.

How brands are doing it

Restaurant discovery service Zomato and e-tailer giant Amazon, showed a fantastic glimpse of how to use humor to build your brand. To add to the banter, online furniture store Urban ladder and roommate networking app Flat Chat joined in the fun too, creating a thread that was one of Twitter’s funniest and most adored conversation.

What you can easily pick from above conversation is three things, essentially:

1. The brands comes across as very ‘cool’ with all the leg-pulling.
2. Customers/Fans know there’s a real person operating each of those accounts, who understand your compliments and concerns.
3. Customers tend to engage more swiftly and freely in such cases. Check out the user comment at the end!

Why you should be doing it too

If you are looking at social media from a purely business point of view, yes, this approach might not exactly bring you a ton of leads and business prospects (which is why I suggest humor as one of the elements of your strategy, not the only one), but it definitely gives your brand a likable and hip personality. Come to think of it, marketing is not just about the sales figures, it is also about creating a personality for your brand that is appealing to its target demographic.

A humorous approach will make your brand ‘followable’ and ‘likable’ … and on social media, the more likable or followable you are, the better is your reputation as a brand. On a tangential note, isn’t a good reputation good for business? I say, go for it – it is a great approach, which if pulled off correctly, will result in a groovy vibe for your brand!

Signing off,
Amit Jadhav,


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