3 Ways How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Social Media

Social Media Marketing for Business – Is it hype? Is it over-exposure? Or is it just a passing phase?

I’ll answer each of those questions one by one.

It is definitely not a hype. It is not for nothing that everyone is talking about it. A quick Google search for ‘social media marketing success stories’ will give you pages and pages of business owners who have benefited remarkably by taking their business online.

It is definitely not over-exposure. Social Media is one of those few (or probably the only) channel that allows you to funnel down your target audience as per location or demographics and create dedicated content meant to drive conversions.

Might be. Might be not. But even if it is a passing phase, why not just make use of it push forward your business interests?


An old internet ad (possibly from the mid-90s)

Digital marketing has been around in some form ever since internet was made commercially available to the general public. From ad banners to exchanged links, services and products have been marketed to internet users ever since the late 90s.

With the success of e-commerce companies such as Amazon and EBay, internet marketing took a completely new meaning.  Internet marketing now involved not just unearthing leads, but also transacting business online!

Over the last 8 years, social media has become the core of everything on the internet. The most amount of time an average user spends now daily on the internet, is mostly consumed by social media. 38% of the news we consume today, is through social media instead of news accounts or websites. And almost 82% of the internet using population is using some or the other, or even multiple, social platforms.

Here’s how social media marketing will help your business:


The social media is a fantastic place to tell stories. On a personal level, their is a status or a tweet you use to tell everyone about the awesome pizza you just ate. On a business level, you show off your awesomeness through these statuses and tweets. Social media is a place where you can make your brand talk like an individual to make it appear more human. This allows for greater connection between you and your audience. Just like you like someone whom you share interests with or who tells many fun stories, your audience on social media starts liking you and bonding with you. Needless to say, this creates loyalty, and loyalty results in business!


Most people today check your website or social profiles for updates on your products or services. Those who haven’t heard about you also want to check your website or social profiles for a a brief on what you do and what you sell. It is during times like these when you could lose potential business leads. What this also allows you is to set-up and run a great customer service patch. The better you interact with your customers online (address complaints, resolve issues, appreciate compliments, etc.), the more you create a community around your brand. As this community grows, more people join in because ‘there are already so many’. Admit it, how many times have you preferred buying something because it is more popular and is sold more than similar other products. A lot, right? That is essentially how social media works too. More people, means more leads, and more leads means more people. And, a cycle of happiness!


There were times in the 80s when big corps paid for shiny hoardings and produced jazzy commercials with star faces. Back then, you could be a small business with a product as good, or even better than theirs. But it stood no chance in front of the big corporation’s money-fueled prominence. Your reach and sales would always be limited. Internet is changing all that. The internet is a level playing field. It is the same internet connection and the same internet platform a corporate giant and a small independent business compete on, for attention. And often, the small business owner comes out triumphant because of a heart-felt effort at a resource so easily and simply available. That is the beauty of social media marketing. Numerous cases have seen small businesses distribute better content than big businesses, and in the bargain take home all the leads and moolah.

To know more about how to use social media to drive all the above benefits, visit my workshop at SAKAL INTERNATIONAL LEARNING CENTRE  on 21st and 22nd May, 2015. For details and bookings, click here http://www.silc.edu.in/programmes/effective-use-of-digital-marketing-social-mediamarketing

Signing off,
Amit Jadhav,


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