5 Ways How Google+ Can Make You a Better Marketer

Google+ is sort of an enigma for most digital marketers. They prefer sticking to the tried and tested Facebook and Twitter platforms. Some have pushed the envelope slightly and mastered brand building and business leveraging through Instagram and Pinterest too, but Google+ somehow remains unventured into. The few who have dealt with it, don’t seem to return very impressed. Although the fact remains that putting a content strategy for Google+ in place is inevitable. There’s no way you can build a content strategy without including one for Google+ because it matters – to your organic SEO, to your future community, to your content valuation.

Top Gun
One of the biggest reasons why a brand or business’s page should exist on Google is the page-ranking. Small and medium scale businesses that cannot rely on paid advertorial campaigns can use Google+ activity to gather +1s and receive higher search rankings. Plenty of social media analytics have proven that higher +1s notch up your search ranking in Google.

Feeding Google
It is not just about an active Google+ page that will help you with SEO. Google+ demands more fodder. Google+ is the most business friendly platform one can ever find. You can have your business page setup and validated by Google. This setup includes information about your business, working hours, official URL, other contact points, etc.

A validated page basically means Google can now trust you and your business. It obviously, gets more respect by Google’s crawlers, than any other page. Remember, a properly informed Google page means that all search results leading to you will be accompanied by a knowledge box to the right of search rankings that carries your contact details and directions to your business office. This leads to a certain degree of certitude and awe in the general user’s mind too.

Content Distribution, Not Social Networking
A large portion of Google+ will start making sense to you if you start looking at it as a content distribution platform, rather than a social networking platform. Google’s design and functionality is ideal to share content.


Image credit: Buffer Blog

There’s the usual options of tags and hashtags as well, and if you cannot figure out which to use, worry not – Google auto-tags your posts for the most relevant trends and tags anyways.

Google+ is Google. Google is Google+. Sum of parts. Google+ is now integrated with most other Google services, and that includes AdSense and AdWords. This means you can create Google+ promoted posts which can exponentially increase your reach. Once you have a substantial community around your Google+ page, the sharing increases too. This results in your content ranking higher in general search results.

This is easily the standout feature of the network. It is unique in the sense that it merges social networking with video conferencing on a very very personal level. This allows for a great degree of personal relationship between a business and its consumers. Take for example Narendra Modi’s hangout hosted by Ajay Devgn, in the run up to the Apr/May 2014 general elections. The exercise made users feel as if they were sitting right next to an actor and a politician, querying them about what bothered them. It was personal interaction, at its personal best.

Google+ is officially the key to the organic results’ Pandora’s Box. Marketers and Businesses need to understand its importance and bank on it. After all, there’s no such internet as internet without Google!

Signing off,
Amit Jadhav,


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