Top Apps of 2014 – What The Trends Indicate

Apple and Google released its top apps list earlier this week and trends are surprisingly indicative of two things – i) news is rapidly moving from print to smartphone, and ii) with greater phone cameras, come greater demand for quality photo apps. Google’s list indicates another trend, a rise on health and fitness app. This can be further validated with the fact that Google Fit, Google’s own health and fitness app was released a couple of months ago.


Most Downloaded Apps from the App Store in 2014.

A look at the most popular apps from Apple’s App Store shows a distinct pattern of rise of interest in photography. While Hyperlapse, Instagram’s time-lapse video service seemed to have captured everyone’s attention, other apps such as Cam u and Camera+ were not far behind. As bigger and better cameras continue to be shipped with Apple devices, one can further expect the market for image editing and photography efficient apps to shoot up in the coming years.

One more serious pattern emerging from this list is the explosion (the rise of noticeable post-2012 itself) of news services. While Yahoo News and NYT made it to the Top 12, list-based content platform Buzzfeed also seems to have come of age. The shift of moving away from traditional media sources of becomes strongly clear now. Print has been in decline, and it won’t be long before news platforms and news aggregating services shall wipe it out completely in some markets; if not immediately, in about 8-10 years from now.


Most Downloaded Apps (category-wise) from Google’s Play Store in 2014.

While Google did not release a list of the most popular apps, it announced which app for which category was downloaded the most in 2014. While Facebook continues to rule the social networking charts, a surprise entry was My Fitness Pal, which trumped Google Fit to the top position. Flipagram, critically panned but popular with users, for its ability to add various effects to photos and background sounds to short videos, too rounded up on top of its category.

All in all, 2014 seemed to be a definitive year, in terms of bringing news to mobile. It is a trend that has sustained for a few years now, and one can expect news apps to grow and expand further in 2015.

Signing off,
Amit Jadhav,


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