5 Free Tools To Create Awesome Content For Your Blog

Blogging is an near inevitable part of content marketing strategies these days. Does it happen often that you are reading a blog with pretty pictures, eye-catching graphics, and wonder, “Only if I could afford a stock photo and professional design tools”? If professional content designing tools is what is holding you back from creating awesome content, you need not worry anymore. I am going to give you 5 professional but free tools to create splendid content for your blog.



A collection of selective high-quality free images. Images are divided into categories such as Abstract, People, Food, Technology, etc. The site’s founder Viktor, now also offers premium membership for a larger photo variety, but Picjumbo basically is a great website to start with if you need just one or two high-quality catchy images for your blog posts for free.


A little too stock-imagey as compares to Picjumbo, but Pixabay’s collection of free images is exclusively free. You can use any image anywhere for any purpose (even commercial) whatsoever. The variety of images is rather vast too. The only drawback Pixabay carries, as compared Picjumbo is the lack of reality in its image stock.


A cool place to look for nifty design add-ons. The site carries plentiful of designing PSDs, UI add-ons, CSS kits, etc. More importantly, if you find the right picture from Picjumbo or Pixabay, you can use a free label addon to put on it and write your text, so that it stands out.


A free online Photoshop – that is how I like to describe Canva. It has some great features to design a post image for your blog. I even use it for creating miscellaneous social media posts once in a while. You can choose from their set templates or upload an image of your own and customize and edit it as you want. There are plenty of graphic add-ons you can use (text boxes, ribbons, icons, etc.). The app even comes with an image filter to adjust your image’s light and effect settings. Winner all the way!


A simpler version of Canva. Picmonkey is a no-nonsense image editor which gets its basics right – upload image, edit image, add text, save and download. Yes, there are other cute graphic add-ons and effects you can add, but I have never found them to be pf much use in a professional blogging set-up. Picmonkey can be used, in my opinion, to create great blogpost images and cover images for your blog, where you just need simple text over image effect. P.S. Picmonkey has more fonts than Canva!

Most of the above mentioned tools have their own premium/paid options too. So, once you get the hang of them and start generating revenue/ROI from your blogs, investing in their membership would not be such a bad idea. Or else, stick to their free versions and continue, for they make for great content creating tools too!

Signing off,
Amit Jadhav,


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