How Bangalore Police Used Social Media To Crack Down On Flesh Trade

Bangalore Police recently presented an excellent example of leveraging the power of social media to drive their anti-criminal and civic management drive.

A Twitter user tweeted to Karnataka Home Minister K.J. George, a credible piece of information regarding a brothel being run in his neighborhood.

Tweet 1
Picking on the same, Bangalore Police Crime Branch acted with a raid and arrests. Within 3 hours, the concerned complainant on Twitter had been informed of the action taken on his complaint.

Tweet 2

Talking about the incident, Commissioner of Police M.N. Reddi said, “Lot of inputs are being shared and we are working on it.The purpose behind use of Social media is serving it’s real purpose in such a short span as the inputs are actually from the grass root &unaltered.”

Apart from the importance of an alert and active citizen, this incident very strongly also brings to attention the indispensable part social media has come to play in our lives, and how it can change civil society’s real time dynamics forever. After all, this is not the first incident where social media has played a crucial role in making people aware of wrongdoings or unfair practices.


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