Social Media and Apps firing up Hong Kong protests.

Have a smartphone and not got internet, cellular network not working, still want to send messages and communicate with others on mobile, well Firechat app is the option. Students have boycotted classes to protest Beijing’s plans to control how the Hong Kong leader is chosen. And they are using social media to get their voices heard. Firechat app was downloaded 100,000 times in Hong Kong between Sunday morning and Monday morning, said Micha Benoliel, co-founder and chief executive of San Francisco-based Open Garden, which developed the app.amitjadhav4

Facebook a common trend now, is playing a role in the Hong kong protests. Occupy Central Facebook page is an alliance of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. In response to the mainland’s decision to restrict the nomination process in 2017, the non-violent campaign will stage an occupation of Hong Kong’s financial district on October 1 for a democratic system. Many teachers are affiliated with this campaign, according to the South Chinese Morning Post.amit1Scholarism Facebook page  is led by teenage activist Joshua Wong. It has got nearly 278,000 Likes. 17 year old Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong, on Sunday took to Facebook and Twitter to encourage people to download the Firechat app, saying authorities could switch off cellular networks. The post got 4775 likes and has been shared 1904 times.amitjadhav1

They are also using their twitter handle to communicate the right emotions and real-time media coverage of the protest. amitjadhav2amitjadhav2amitjadhav3

Reminds me of the India against Corruption campaign of 2010 with effective use of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools. What’s added new to these tools are apps like Firechat which have have redefined communication and networking to reach masses in real-time in middle of connectivity and other issues. Hong Kong teenagers are taking advantage of their democratic rights on social media to not only voice their feelings, but also to get people out onto the street. it will be interesting to see where this ends and what more is in store.
Wish you all a very Happy Dussehra and let’s burn all negativity to start a more positive outlook towards life.

Amit Jadhav


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