3 Reasons Why Good Communication Can Boost Your Workplace Popularity

Being in your colleagues’ good books is important for a lot of reasons. One, it keeps the work environment positive and upbeat. That helps with productivity. A cohesive workplace works very efficiently. On an individual level, most people prefer working with an individual who they can trust and like. Then again, popularity at workplace works to one’s personal benefit too – extra perks, favorable treatment, and true assessment of your talent.

Here are 3 important reasons how and why good communication skills can boost your workplace popularity.

Give and Take Respect

It is important your colleagues realize they are getting the respect they deserve. They’ve worked hard to get where they are today. A pat on the back or a word of appreciation certainly helps. Moreover, proper communication tone, subtle eye-contact, a smile, and intentful listening helps in conveying the message that you are paying proper attention to the conversation and are interested in it.


These gestures would prompt your colleagues to reciprocate similarly. Exchange of goodwill and give and take of respect at workplace, helps in creating a positive working environment and boost productivity.

Play to the Gallery

How would you like it if some person walked up to you by the water cooler and started talking about trains, when you are not even remotely interested in trains? Instead, if you like food hopping across town and find someone discussing the best sandwich in town, you would be intently listening and even participating in the conversation. This is why it is important to tailor your conversations and discussions to the people you are talking to.


Not just the topics, the style of communication to matters in such a case. Do not get too informal with your seniors. Similarly if you are dealing with a supplier or a client, keep your tone medium, consistent, and very formal. With a colleague of your level, be slightly informal, but stay transparent and direct if it is about work matters. Be polite to your juniors or assistants. reprimand them if necessary, but at no point should you put them down or insult them or question their talent.

Accept and Learn from your Mistakes

You are human. You make mistakes. Accept them. You would be surprised by how many people would admire and respect you for that.


There’s always a next time. Accepting your mistake is only one part of it; learning from your mistakes is harder. Whatever designation you hold or whatever number of junior you manage, remember, learning is a continuous process. The more you deny and/or blame others the more you run away from the problem itself. Mistakes are not something one should be ashamed of. Mistakes are made by human and the one who accept and change those are the courageous and congenial.



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