A Matter of Relevance: Is your Content Worthy of Engagement?

I am not going to sit here and lecture you on how digital content marketing is the next big thing to inform and sell. It is already out there in the open. If you do not know it by now, you are probably living in a cave. I am not going to reinvent the wheel over here. But I am going to question if people out there really know how to use the wheel they’ve invented.

Marketers, and even business know that they cannot run away from content creation anymore. Content that is original, relevant, acts as a voice of the brand and is appealing enough to provoke shares in the digital space is what everyone is looking for, few getting it right. A lot of content that we are creating currently is simply of no use to the audience we are catering to. What this situation has created is a demand-supply tilt, where marketers are creating an insane amount of content in the hope that it’ll be lapped up, but most of it is getting rejected or is simply being ignored for lack of relevance.


What marketers and businesses need to get right is a few things crucial to content marketing.

Understand the Purpose of Content Marketing

You are not creating content to show off your designing or writing skills. You are creating content to speak for your brand. Hence, keep it practical. Every brand has a story to tell, even a nut and bolt manufacturer. It is all about making sure what you are telling is of some relevance to your base audience. Step 2 – try and make sure what you are telling has the ability to attract fresher base audience and add to your existing base audience. In simpler words, be of some use.

An individual will invest in you emotionally only if he can connect with what you are saying. When brands fail to do that, the dreaded black holes of zero engagement strike down.

The Trend Trail

There’s a reason why its trending – people like talking/reading about it. Bank on it. This superb ‘cashing in on current event’ concept by Oreo nearly trumped every other brand that fateful Superbowl night!


Of course, it requires quick thinking and dynamic content forming skills, but hey, you want some, you invest some.

Does Your Content Fit In?

Decide a voice for your brand. If you are an energy drink, formulate and conceptualize content that speaks in youthful and energetic tones. If you are a pharmaceutical brand, try not to get too tangled into political happenings and stick to your forte. Sound informative. Seem relevant. But avoid dreariness.

Chuck Gating

You land up on a website looking for some information. The website gives you one paragraph of what you want and wants you to register to read the rest. What do you do? 99 out of a 100 times, people would shut the tab and look for other sources.

Nobody likes gated content. The world works on a knowledge sharing basis. Do not play switch-bait games with your audience. In addition to page bounces, it adds a ton of unwanted negative reputation to your brand.

That Personal Touch

Finally, humanize the content. That encourages sharing. A simple block of text with right keywords can only take you so long on the SEO front. A personalized copy with a dash of emotion or humour compels the viewer to share your content. Remember, users share content on social networks to show off three important human traits – emotional, funny, and intellectual. If you, as a marketer, can tug to either or atleast two of those strings, you are golden!


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