3 Basic Things That Are Hurting Your SEO

Is your business stuck in that rut where either your website has no visitors, or even of they do, none are converting into solid conversions? There could be 3 very basic things you may be overlooking which are hurting your SEO … and these are not necessarily unethical, bad, or poorly executed SEO techniques. Read on to find more.

1. All that Jazz


Graphic heavy websites with added frills such as auto-play videos or flash components take longer to load than their simpler counterparts. While a little prettiness to adore your site never hurt, there’s reason enough to not go overboard. Google has consistently maintained that it allots crucial brownie points to a site’s loading time. The slower your site loads, the lower Google rates it.

It is a known fact that slow loading speeds result in high bounce rates. This is worsened by the fact that a lot of graphic add-ons are available to be kneaded into websites these days. So users find them into precarious situations sometimes like seeing a text box to enter data but not knowing what to enter there since the label for the text box is a high quality graphic that is still taking shape.

2. Who? Where? What?


Image Courtesy Buildandshoot.com (http://www.buildandshoot.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=24)

There’s a good chance that over the years your site may have gathered many broken links. Nothing wrong with that. However, when a visitor lands on one of these, he is greeted with plain disappointment. A 404 error never cheered anyone up, get that straight. People leave … almost immediately, giving your website a bad name and high bounce rates. This is indication enough for Google to penalize you.

Regular checking and maintenance of websites, and cleaning up of technical faults is very crucial. Moreover, if a user is going to land at a known 404 page you haven’t fixed yet, try notching it up a little by providing a link to surf the rest of your website or head to the homepage. Some genius have even gone a step further and designed 404 pages with small games to keep the visitor engaged to their site.

3. Content Chutney


You may not be spamming, but then, also don’t cram. Just because there’s enough space available does not mean you fill all of it up. Minimalism is the new Polka. Okay that does not make a lot of sense, but Minimalism is in and hence, try sticking to it.

Do not repeat your content – if there’s already a graphic that says New Products, there’s no need to write it again as long as you’ve used proper SEO while naming the image.

You are wasting precious time, money, and efforts if you are not getting the above points right. An SEO Audit will cover the SEO guffaws you have made, not necessarily the above ones.


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