Facebook ahead in RACE – May 2013

Over the years social networking sites have gained momentum and the RACE is on. Well this RACE is a bit different from what we experience in everyday life because we are the fuel, the product for social networking sites.  For me this RACE stands for Reaching Audiences Creating  Engagement. It’s interesting to look at the current scenario with the latest results by Facebook. As per Facebook Q1 results it has already Engaged 1.11 monthly active users.FB_Q1_13 Facebook’s new targeted ads, products and every changing customer experience is surely helping it’s cause to grow. A lot of Indian companies are clinching to make a mark on this playground. According to the latest study by Ernst & Young on Social networking India trends 2013 (with feedback from 48 Brands) it is evident that Indian companies prefer Facebook as the No.1 choice for their social strategy. According to the report almost half of social media-savvy organizations  are already using emerging platforms such as Pinterest, Google Plus, Foursquare. More than hals engagewith bloggers or online influencers. e&yNot sure what the future holds but as of today Facebook rules. Even as per eMarketer, digital analysis firm, as of Q1 2013 Facebook is still the leader.

dataWith over 50M pages and over 10M apps if you still feel your facebook business presence is not really going to generate you any returns, I suggest get Facebook in your social strategy in case you haven’t and give it a go. Is Facebook a part of your social media strategy? What success have you got using Facebook Business Tools? Do share your experience.

Happy Facebook…win!

Amit Jadhav


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