Fashion Industry dressing up Social Media

One Industry which is making the most and can still make the best use of Social Media is Fashion Industry. Graphics and pictures are ruling the social networks which are related to fashion brands.

The most popular Fashion Week events that become the battlefield for social media campaigns are those held in New York, Paris, London, and Milan. In 2012, social media agency the Whispr Group, reported 671,028 tweets for the week of Sept 6 – 13. The trending topic? New York Fashion Week. One study from eBay Deals looked into data from five social networks during NYFW and found more people are using social media for wardrobe advice, inspiration and the latest trends. Top fashion accounts live tweeted from the shows and two brands, Badgley Mischka and Bergdorf Goodman, co-previewed their collections exclusively on Pinterest. Fashion-related tweets doubled from last year’s events and professional photographers made use of Instagram.

Take for example Victoria’s Secret. It has got 21.5 million likes and half a million people are creating a buzz about it. Twitter is setting the trend for buzz to happen and the best part is that it is real-time engagement for brands with people. For all those who would like to dress their fashion brands on social networks, this is the right time to evolve. A blend of facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are the lethal combination and key to success though there may be others but these are platforms where things are happening. Don’t’ look at social networking sites to sell but use them to tell and creating a buzz, it will eventually result into good business.

Campaigns are the key to drive traffic. As most of the brands struggle to get fans others are flying high on engagement. According to fashiobi and writer Bruna Messina there are few campaigns which tasted success.

Victoria’s Secret

To celebrate its summer collection Victoria Secrets ran a contest called Dreaming of a PINK Summer , where participants had to pin at least three images from the brand’s Facebook page or website and create a pin board. The best nine pin boards were selected and the most voted one won a 250 dollar shopping spree and a tote bag as a prize and also the other five winners received 50 dollar gift cards each. Due to this contest online buzz and success, Victoria Secrets ran another similar contest called My Victoria’s Secret Summer.


For its Hugo Spring/Summer 2013 line the brand held a contest on Pinterest in Berlin called “Repin & Win”, allowing users to win products that Hugo Boss pinned on its pin board. The result was, users were pinning and repining the brand’s items where the more pins followers did, the better were the chances to win. Since all the pins were displayed in the user’s Pinterest feed, it also increased the brands web exposure and therefore, stimulated sales growth.  Check out these 2 Infographics and get kick off your Social Media Success Journey.2012FashionSocialMediaInfograpic Fashion-Week-Infographic

header image courtsey – she finds / Infographics courtsey – and ebay deals.

Happy Fashionable..

Amit Jadhav (@_amitjadhav)


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