Weird Request through Photos create 1M+ Likes

The mindset of a social networking human can go to distance and create probable the weirdest of response from users. Weird Request through Photos create 1M+ Likes and here are some examples for your thoughts to ponder upon, where are we going with this? Is attention and being in the public a physological issue or desire of some social networking folks?

Schoolboy Petter Kverneng on January 17, 2013 posted on facebook a request to like a photo which features him besides Catherine Johansen, both 20. The sign held in his hand says  “Cathrine says if I can get 1m ‘likes’, she will have sex with me. Please share and like.”

p1The Result: For a Facebook user with only 749 friends, the response has been more than impressive, with Petter achieving his goal of a million Facebook ‘likes’ and more than 80,000 ‘shares’ less than 18 hours later. image courtsey:

Get a Puppy                                                                                                                                                                                                               Facebook page, entitled Twogirlsandapuppy, the girls write that their previous dog died of cancer last year. Inspired by another pair of siblings who had tried a similar stunt, they asked their dad to agree to a bet of sorts.

Posts by different family members over the course of the day tell the story of a simple bet gone viral. In one, a family member says “the girls were giddy” as they watched the likes pile up, but didn’t hint that the goal was within immediate reach. In another, the father promises that he’ll be true to his word should the photo indeed reach 1 million likes.Picture3

The Result: 1.6M likes while I write this post. 1M likes was achieved in 6 hours after the page was set up.

Facbook has changed the way we adopt to human emotions and at times it can just be a bit harmful. Its better to be more secured and alert in the world of unknown results at the end what we do is just click the Like button. Fears!

Happy ‘Like’

Amit Jadhav


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