True Dreams never Die – De-Coding Manja song from Kai Po Che

Kai Po Che! is an upcoming film based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel The 3 Mistakes of My Life directed by Abhishek Kapoor. Manja is a special string for kite flying. This movie Koi Po Che is going to be released on 22nd Feb. 2013. I recently heard the song and wow it just struck me that this might be related to one and all. Listen to the song here and enjoy the Lyrics and translation below. Thank you Swanand Kirkire for lyrics and Amit Trivedi for music and singing it. Enjoy!

Roothe khwabon ko mana lenge
Kati patangon ko thaamenge
Ha ha hai jazba
Ho ho hai jazba
Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manjha
Hm, ka manjha, hm, ka maanjha..

We’ll pacify the angry dreams,
we’ll hold the cut kites,
yeah, we have a passion..
yeah, we have the passion..
We’ll untangle the string* of relations..
strings.. the strings..

Soyi takdeerein jaga denge
Kal ko ambar jhuka denge
Ha ha, hai jazba
Ho ho, hai jazba
Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manjha
Hmm maanjha..

We’ll wake the sleeping fates,
we’ll make the sky bow tomorrow..
yeah, we have the passion..
We’ll untangle the string of relations..
the string..

Ho ho barfeeli aankhon mein
Pighla sa dekhenge hum kal ka chehra
Ho ho pathreele seene mein
Ubla sa dekhenge hum laava gehra
Agan lagi, Lagan lagi
Toote na, toote na jazba ye toote na
Magan lagi, Lagan lagi
Kal hoga kya, keh do
Kis ko hai parwaah
Parwaah… parwah…

Oh, in icy eyes,
we’ll see the face of tomorrow, melted..
In the rock hard chest,
We’ll see deep boiling lava..
There’s a fire within us, a devotion..
Shouldn’t break, this passion within us shouldn’t break..
There is a delight, a devotion..
what will happen tomorrow, say
who cares about it..
who cares.. who cares..

Does it remind of a dream that’s hidden deep beneath which you ever had?

Happy Dreaming….

Amit Jadhav


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