Have a Unbeatable New Year RESOLUTION!

2013 inc“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults or resolution enough to mend them” said Benjamin Franklin. As kids when the new academic year started we got new notebooks to write homework for our various subjects. In the first few days we take good care of it while putting it in schoolbag and also start with good handwriting on the first few pages, wonder where it come from suddenly. As months pass and before the semi-annual exam we realize that the notebook doesn’t have an identity its torn last page, shattered handwritten and folded tortured hardcover tells the story of how serious we have been in respecting it with time. That is human physiology. Whatever is new for us gets the ultimate attention and over a period of time we loose interest in it.

The same must have happened with your last New Year resolution. You must have been reminding yourself about the resolution everyday till 15th Jan. or maybe first week of Feb. but after that have you continued that resolution further? What happened, hey do you at least remember you had one? History shows that only 3% of people are successful in whatever they have touched and desired it to be. Then how can we be amongst them, how can we alter our habits to get inline with their achievements?

Here are 4 key principles that can help you, consider them as the gist from the list of all successful people. But before we start one ‘golden rule’ remember, what Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve”.


  1. Writing Resolutions

Brian Tracy said, ‘Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines’. We just don’t write, we type. Writing is a reflection of your thoughts and unless you write your resolutions, they may be 10 or 20 or 50 you will never be able to figure out where you are heading. So the key is write your resolutions which you want to follow in 2013. Don’t be miser like your thinking. Think big and write as many as you can until you feel you are done. Now choose anyone from each of the category that you are dead serious about i.e. personal resolution, family resolution, business or work resolution, health resolution, financial resolution, spiritual resolution, social service resolution. Now you have top 7 resolutions varied in nature for your 2013 that you are dead serious and which can make you a better person creating more value for yourself and the world.

  1. Deadlines

Now come the important part. Alongside each of these resolutions write down the exact month with percentage as to when you would like to say, ‘yes I’m there’. For e.g. if you have a health resolution of weight loss and you have targeted 24% of your weightless in 2013, then you need to write Jan. – 2% (write the exact weight what it comes to after reducing it), March 6% etc. if you are ambitious you can target half year instead of full year. Henry Ford said, “There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something” and a deadline will give you that happiness but how will you know that you have achieved it, here’s the answer in next one. Jim Carrey as a struggler wrote a cheque to himself of $10 million in 1983 post dated 10 years. Well he actually got much more before his deadline, but he had a deadline to the resolution.

  1. Validate

Most people do the first one right very few do the second one and hardly anyone does this one, validation. Identify a true individual who can give you candid feedback. It can be your partner, friend or colleague. Fix up last day of every week maybe a Friday or Saturday and fix up a 30 minute call slot maybe 9pm. Now, make it a point to call up this true individual and tell him to ask about question related to the progress of your resolution. Every week there may be same questions and answer but that’s the key to success, consistency. In case you missed your routine of achieving your resolution this person should remind you of your final destination which you might forget due to your busy schedule. Make a list of 7 questions this person should ask you and hand it over to him. The best results can come when even he would do the same that will be a more effective exercise.

  1. Pat on your Back

After every month if you are on your target and consistent on the 1st of next month do spend some time and money on what you like the best. It might be a movie or a book or hooking you with friends. On small achievements you need to pat your back to motivate yourself for the next destination. If your weekly calls highlight you are not paying attentions to your resolutions stat altering the way you do things. Remember success is doesn’t come overnight it is a result of small daily changes in habits. Remember small changes in habits.

At the end when you get and down do the things that will motivate you and be sure to see this Jim Carrey video which reflects the Power of Intension.

Happy Resolution!

Amit Jadhav



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