The dRAPE of a Sari

The word sari is derived from Sanskrit word ‘sati’ and ‘Chira’ which means ‘strip of cloth’ which ranges from four to nine yards. It is very popular in India and other south Asian countries. It makes a women look beautiful. Since ancient times Indian women have been wearing this ornament and the royals have been very selective in choosing the best cloth and embroidery. We can’t forget all Yash Chopra movie heroines draped in Chiffon sarees dancing in the Swiss alps. With the new generation talented Indian designers like Manish Malhotra and Shaina NC and many others Sari just got a new meaning. Their designs are extravagant with a blend of culture and modernization. Recently I saw Manish Malhotra collection work by Kareena Kapoor, it was awesome. Saris designed by these designers are must have for the modern women. Indian is proud to have designers like Manish and Shaina who have made Indian Designers a world to reckon with.

Playboy holds the #1 spot in adult entertainment. Playboy unveiled the bunny costumes for its upcoming Indian Playboy Clubs. It launched the ‘Playboy Bunny sari’. They seemed to change the yardstick to two yards it seems. Outside on some streets are protests for justice for a girl who was a rape victim just 2 days back in the capital of India. When atrocities against women are growing and hypocrites in society are fondling with law can a new adult entrant add value to the situation? Though Playboy’s business is entertainment and they do that the best in other parts of world, India is a new market for them.

In the last decade or so Indians have been in the transition mode to be westernised thanks to the Jeans and hip-hop which started in 80’s. Thanks to Pizza and Coke and open lifestyle. India has the youngest population in the world. Today’s gen Y are already exposed to so many challenges and information that they start to live under stress in early teenage. Though they have a mind of their own most need to understand where the ‘filter’ is. What should these youngsters expect when they walk in a PB club? How will a small town teenage girl Jyoti will look at this?

PB Lifestyle CEO said “Keeping in mind the fast evolving Indian luxury market, we plan to launch Playboy as an aspirational brand aimed mainly at Generation Y with its cafes, clubs, bars, hotels and merchandises. We have ensured that the Indian bunny costumes have been designed keeping in mind local sensibilities. We plan to be at 122 locations including 65 cafes, 49 bars and eight clubs in next ten years.

Now isn’t that like adding fuel to the distorted mindset that some people carry in this country in the way they think women. Hope playboy doesn’t drape the sari in the wrong way well that’s only a possibility when they have the sari with some length to drape. Let’s be optimistic. Jai Ho Hugh Hefner.

Happy playing…

Amit Jadhav (@_amitjadhav)


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