Linkedin Profiles Overused Buzzwords for 2012

When you write your details in your Linkedin Profile you might be away from touching gold. Each word and skill will make a difference in your efforts to get the Best job in market and with employer of your choice.

Linkedin runs a buzzword analysis every year to find out which words make it as the most used in profiles out of its 187 million plus members. A blog post by Simla Ceyhan figures out the Top Overused Buzzwords in Linked Profiles.

The people who call themselves creative have to work hard more creatively to get another name in the profile as it is the No.1 used Buzzword in the Profile. Few words also change with Geography. In India, ‘Effective’ is the No.1 used word in Profile. According to Linkedin as of Nov.2012 there are 17 million users in India or should we say ‘Effective’ users.

Creative / Motivated / Multinational / Responsible / Experimental / Effective / Specialized / Analytical / Problem Solving /Analytical



Happy Creativity…

Amit Jadhav



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