Social Networking ‘Gangnam style’

Viral is in blood when you talk of social media. The problem is you can’t identify what can go viral and what not. Nor can you justify why certain comments or videos or pictures go viral and their counterpart with perfect technicalities are not entertained. Man’s mind is full of mysteries and social media platforms are stamping that. What looks exciting for one may be dumb act for another. I tried to give some meaning to Gangnam (in the song word ‘Gangnam’ has no meaning) to learn on why each must be viral. Below each are the reasons, I have mentioned only 5 to make it crisp.

G – Gangnam Style. Novak Djokovic, Chris Gayle, Britney Spears have one thing in common; they did the Gangnam style dance for the camera. I don’t know how many kids and youths are going to perform the same in their annual gatherings in coming days. Right from car launches to various events youtube has been providing us real time involvement in the act but this youtube video has 466 million hits more than anyone in the history. Good example of going viral on social media.

Reasons; a) Catchy  b) Fresh c) Humor d) trendy e) colorful

A – Amitabh Bachan about 3.6 Million followers and one of the most active Indian celebrity on social networking sites, writes blogs, tweets almost everyday, posts photo. For anyone who are sixty+ and saying that social media is not for them, here’s a inspiration. How and what tools to use is everyone’s call. Amitabh likes his fans and likes to respond as possible. Takes inputs, including criticism in the right spirit.

Reasons; a) continuity b) keeps it short c) doesn’t get in controversial talk d) respects his followers by responding e) clear thinking displayed, ‘period’.

N – posted news while I write this. A bus driver, with 22-years on the job, delivered a vicious uppercut to a 25-year-old woman before shoving her off the bus, according to a report in The Clevland Plain Dealer. Passengers recorded the melee on their cell phones and the videos have now racked up millions of hits. Simple brawl in public can too go viral.

Reasons; a) drama b) women hit by man c) reality d) common man upload e) video ‘share’ by many.

G – gulp it. Coca cola facebook page crossed 52 million likes. Though likes is not proportional to sales still it creates the reach. Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page was created by two hardcore fans Dusty and Michael. Soon after, Facebook changed the rules which meant either the Page had to be closed or handed over to Coca-Cola. The soft drink brand instead of booting the creators flew them to the Atlanta headquarters and decided to work with them. Rest they say is history.

Reasons; a) for the people by the people b) interactive c) engagement of fans in form of quiz, games d) relevant content e) youth focused campaigns

N – Nasa Zero Robotics. This 60 second promo of the 2012 Zero Robotics Competition held at MIT, US created a stir and made a layman get a feel of what can be done. This is a classic example of 60sec product /event pitch to get folks talking about it.

Reasons; a) Focused on promotion b) high-end graphics c) Techie d) links e) good PR through this video

A – avalanche cliff jump video for GoPro HD. A video that shows Skiiers Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude try to outrun a massive avalanche in the French Alps went viral. The sales curve accelerated when GoPro began focusing on social media. Users share videos on Facebook and Twitter. A search for GoPro on YouTube brings up tens of thousands of hits—including a video of a South African mountain biker getting clocked by a leaping antelope. Total GoPro HD video hits are over 164 Million.

Reasons; a) Customer Engagement b) excitement c) Unexpected action d) emotional e) simple

M –  Millionaire video. YouTube post has now officially stated “Red Bull Stratos Mission took Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space and back, and the world tuned in to Red Bull’s YouTube Channel to see it all. At peak, you were watching more than 8 million concurrent livestreams of this mission, which intended to break 50-year old records of human limits and break new ground in medical and scientific research”. In first 50 hrs. the video is already had nearly 4.5 Million hits, amazing. All those who watched this Live must had their hearts in their mouth till the time Felix landed on ground much to the amusement of his team.

Reasons; a) Adventurous b) excitement c) first timer stuff d) real time feed e) well hyped

Though there are many such examples like Dell, Starbucks, Old Spice Man and many others I thought of adding the latest ones trending. With your one action on social media you can have thousands and million watching you, hence it becomes even more important with lots of validation for corporate to publish when thinking of going viral.

Happy Viral…ing!

Amit Jadhav


14 thoughts on “Social Networking ‘Gangnam style’

  1. cool post Amit…perfect observation and to the point pick-n-choose. Going viral I guess sure is in the blood of human beings…since centuries we see that man is never a totally satisfied element and needs something ‘new’ every time. Even as kids we were never stable and looked for something more amazing and cool…right eh?….
    All the examples u quoted in ur article seem to show kind of a status value..of being present in “the present” world and being updated…. Like if I dont know or am not aware of facebooking or Felix Baumgartner…sure I will be considered, u know….from stoneage :D..and hence..viraling..!!!

    • Yes, as kids we had no such platform, today’s folks are swapped with technology, though it is good but also provides challenges to identify the right direction.Thank you for sparing time and posting your views.

  2. Hay Amit,
    Nice post…
    keep writing man…. I am waiting for the explanation of “style” also…..
    as you stopped at ‘M’…..


  3. People wants to tell what they are doing every second. The facebook status are updated after every 10 minutes. Linkedin, facebook, twiter are becoming the parts of people life, without tweetng the day never starts.
    Corporates should go for posting & tweeting as it will make them more wonders do in thr business as people are becoming social sites lover, they have actually fallen in love with these sites.
    Mr. Amit well said time to do viraling as gangnam is becoming hit on social networking..

    • Good thoughts Deepika. I have been writing about social networking and impact on youth showcasing both sides. Corporates are still reluctant to be a bit transparent and use these tools. They have to find a way to digest criticism, if made public.

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